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Apoyamos a empresas zacatecanas junto con CANACINTRA y el PNTi

Un grupo de 25 empresas zacatecanas concluyó el Programa de Fortalecimiento Empresarial para la generación...

Innovan empresas de alimentos del Estado de México

Con productos innovadores, un grupo de 40 empresas de alimentos del Estado de México se...

We promote the competitiveness of 60 companies from automotive and plastics in the State of…

With the aim to support the migration of small and medium sized enterprises to higher...

TechBA inaugurates offices in Medellin, Colombia

TechBA, the national and international FUMEC’s accelerator, opened up its first office in South America...

TechBA publica libro con 30 casos de éxito

El libro Aceleramos el paso. 30 empresas exitosas apoyadas por TechBA, da cuenta del impulso...

The 10 skills you need to thrive in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Five years from now, over one-third of skills (35%) that are considered important in today’s...



Our Agribusinesses Incubator helps people to start new food businesses.

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Conoce nuestro portal empresarial, el cual contiene casos de éxito y herramientas útiles para emprendedores.

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Échale un vistazo al video conmemorativo de nuestros primeros 20 Años de trabajo en México.

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Our TechBA program supports the internationalization of Mexican technology SMEs with an innovative offer of value.

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Together with INNOVEC, we promote science education and encourage children to explore and understand the world that surrounds them.

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bimi c

The Binational Intelligent Manufacturing Initiative seeks to strengthen manufacturing companies in the US-Mexico border.

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Board of Governors


Our Board of Governors consists of 16 recognized members from the academia, government and industry of both Mexico and the United States.

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