Lilia Arechavala

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lilia arech She is the Chief Operating Officer of FUMEC, responsible for overseeing the operation of the main programs of this organization: Innovation Based Economic Development (including programs such as TechBA and TechPYME), Innovation in Education, and Binational Health Partnerships.

She started to work in FUMEC in 2002 as strategic planning consultant. From 2004 to 2009 she was responsible for launching the first six accelerators of the TechBA Program, in close interaction with the Mexican Ministry of Economy.

In 2010 she became responsable for integrating what is now the TechPYME program, which focuses in accelerating companies and regional ecosystems in Mexico in order to foster their integration into new niches of opportunity. This program has served more than 1600 companies and has been present in 21 states in Mexico.

As part of her role in TechPYME, in 2014 she coordinated a program supported by CONACYT, to develop 32 state innovation agendas and 3 regional agendas, which identified almost 600 strategic projects, linked directly to the states’ priorities and with participation of industry, academia and government.

In 1990 se established her consultant firm “Innovación Organizacional, Consultores” which, during 10 years, developed projects for more than 40 institutions.

Previously, she worked for 10 years at the Electrical Research Institute and later on directed “CEMIT” for three years, one of the first technology based incubators in the country.

Lilia has a Bachelors degree in Pedagogy from UNAM and a Master’s degree in Educational Administration from McGill University.



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