Baja California intensifies campaign against Rickettsia

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To combat the recent outbreak of Rickettsia, bacteria associated with poverty, overcrowding and poor hygienic conditions, Baja Californian health authorities intensified the campaign information and prevention in the five municipalities of this state.

Sergio Hernández Toledo, Health Secretary of Baja California, explained that in order to get to an important sector of the population, fliers were distributed throughout the state. "It is part of the responsibility we all have to take preventive actions to prevent such diseases", he said.

This disease is transmitted through bites and stings of infected arthropods (ticks, lice and fleas), whose bites allow their feces to penetrate into the skin. The disease is little known and, by their symptoms, it is usually associated with other ailments.

Rickettsia is a public health challenge in Mexico; so far in 2015, from more than 400 cases of tick bites, at least 51 people were confirmed with rikettsia and 18 more have died because of this disease.

The General Secretary of Government in Baja California, Francisco Rueda Gómez, stressed that, besides the handing out flyers that takes place in the state, other measures have been taken such as the prevention of rickettsia and the early warning in case of suspicion of someone having it.

In addition, authorities perform actions of fumigation and de-worming of pets in the most vulnerable areas to combat the tick that transmits the disease. Also, 92,697 people have been trained to strengthen prevention measures.

As part of the Border Infectious Disease Surveillance Program (BIDS), of which FUMEC is part, the state health services of Baja California, Sonora and Coahuila hired three veterinary surgeons in order to take samples of the canine population to identify the spread of the bacteria.


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