Californias Medical Devices Cluster will collaborate with FUMEC

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FUMEC and the Californias Cluster of Medical Devices signed a collaboration agreement with the aim of strengthening the supply chain of medical products on both sides of the border between Mexico and the United States, as well as training specialized human resources and generate innovation projects, said Miguel Angel Felix Alonso, treasurer of the cluster.

This agreement seeks to achieve a greater regional integration of regional firms with the supply chains of tractor companies in the medical industry, by developing more suppliers. "In this field, certifications are critical, to help suppliers to become certified in ISO 13485, and those who are not yet certified ISO 9001: 2008 —which should already be preparing for 2015—, so they are able to integrate into the supply chain", Felix said.

The spokesperson of the cluster stressed that the main objective in the medium and long term is to "increase the local supply, and attract more investment from international companies to create more jobs in the region."

Developing more and better human capital is another objective of this agreement, since this is a resource that Baja California can bring to the industry. "What we offer is experienced human capital, skilled workers at various levels: operators, engineers, professionals with Master’s Degrees, and there are even workers with PhDs. We have a critical mass that supports any operation, and the idea is to strengthen even more this human capital", said Felix.

He also recalled that this cluster signed last May a Memorandum of Understanding with the University of California at San Diego to facilitate the exchange of students and researchers who want to come to Mexico to carry out projects and vice versa, and explained that thanks to agreements with institutions as the Autonomous University of Baja California and the Technological Institute of the State is now possible to study a degree in Bioengineering in these institutions.

Finally, collaboration between the cluster and FUMEC will focus on boosting innovation projects for this industry. "We need to innovate not only in processes, because in the region that is already very common, but we also need to innovate in products. For that, we must create more liaisons between businesses and the education sector to make more complex, multidisciplinary projects, and work on the design of new products", he said.

Minerva Avelar, the FUMEC coordinator in the state, said that the relationship between FUMEC and the cluster is solid and during more than six years they have addressed similar projects. "We know that the Cluster of Medical Devices is a reference at the regional level and we want to help them to be stronger with our experience with local and regional innovation ecosystems", she said.


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