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Written by Antimio Cruz and published originally in the web portal of the FCCyT.


Mexican BuildBinder application offers a set of original computer services that construction companies in the US and Mexico are now using to plan and manage projects from start to finish.

Supported by cloud services for the management of data and with a robust technological and programming component, 100 percent Mexican, a group of architects and engineers developed an application (App) and a set of computing services that are already used by construction companies in the US and Mexico.
This Mexican product is called BuildBinder and was conceived and created in Chihuahua under the leadership of architect Óscar Nuñez, who has over 25 years experience in the construction industry. To reach its current size and market, the company received support from TechBA, which is the international accelerator of Mexican technology companies operated by the US-Mexico Foundation for Science (FUMEC). Currently the company has offices in the United States and Mexico.
Its customers are construction companies that in the last three years have done work for companies such as Radisson Hotels, Starbucks Coffee, Banco Santander, General Motors, Soriana Group, Chrysler, Casa Grande, Cinemark, Honda, Kellogg's, Jidosha, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Nissan Vitro and Volkswagen, among others.
The architect Núñez explained that, 20 years ago, he created a program for his own use and he did not intend to sell it. His first prototype was made only for his company NK Consulting and Construction Services. After that, many people and colleagues suggested him to make it bigger and sell it. Thus he began his contact with FUMEC and the business accelerator TechBA.
Using TechBA representation in Silicon Valley they analyzed hundreds of applications via internet and found that none of them included the entire lifecycle of a construction project neither many of the functions that make up the BuildBinder system.
"This is a project of Mexican technology for the world. We are organized with a parent company that is Mexican, which owns two other companies: one is in Chihuahua, Mexico, which is a center of software development where Mexican engineers work, while we have another company in the United States, which functions as a seller", said Nuñez in an interview that is published in the August issue of the journal Forum. The application is already used by dozens of US construction companies.
Now users contract the service, create an account, they register a project and the tool organizes all the information with goals, executive project, legal framework, studies, contractors, permits, budgets, progress, responsibilities and administrative reports, among other functions.
Of the 16 people currently make up this technology-based company, 13 work in Chihuahua, two in Silicon Valley and Nuñez travels between the two countries.
The origin of the BuildBinder application is Nuñez tendency to maintain order when large projects or major construction works are conducted. The core of the system was created gradually, over two decades, with a central objective: to better organize all the information involved in a project. Later, other companies knew his computer program and asked to buy it or rent it. This way emerged the idea of doing business with the application that was designed for self-consumption.
This computer program, based on Microsoft technology, does not exist in the world and, therefore, construction companies in the United States have quickly adopted BuildBinder because it gives them the ability to manage more efficiently the information of their projects since it operates in the "cloud". This enables remote and more efficient collaboration among all project participants wherever they are.
"In Mexico we are working on two major functions: to develop and build the application with the work of engineers and programmers, plus we provide all the support from Chihuahua that does not require viva voce, by mail or chat. While in the United States we will work to provide the required support viva voce. The tool was born in Chihuahua, so all the coding and programming is being done there. In the United States we do the sales job because it is a market where builders are used to work a lot on the internet", said Nuñez.

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