POLEC: Technological innovation in the construction industry with an ecological approach

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POLEC is a Mexican company that stands out in the market for generating technology that solves the needs of the national and international construction industry and also with the premise of doing that in an economical, self-sustaining, ecological and scalable way.

This company reuses waste from the marble industry to turn it into covering materials, among other purposes, of the construction industry through technological innovation based on polymers, that helps taking care of the health of the population and preventing that waste contaminate the land and groundwater.

POLEC uses its polymers to solidify dirt roads near the Mexico City airport where two thousand 30 ton trucks circulate daily, causing a large amount of contaminating particles suspended in the air, so that their development prevents dust contaminate the air and affect the health of the population.

The results are so satisfactory that the company has now projects in Dubai and this year will open a plant in Durango, Mexico.

With support from TechBA, FUMEC's ​​business accelerator, POLEC validated its technology at the University of Texas, Austin, and prepared to open its offices in Dubai to meet demand from the United Arab Emirates construction sector.

It should be noted that the marble industry obtains blocks from fine cuts which is achieved by injecting water, this activity generates a very fine talc that damages the lungs of those who breathe it, and contaminate the groundwater and the land to such a degree that it is no longer possible to cultivate

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