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Considered the most important platform in North America for the development and expansion of the aerospace and aeronautical sectors, the second edition of the Mexican Aerospace Fair (FAMEX 2017) was held from April 26 to 29, where the United States-Mexico Foundation for Science (FUMEC) participated through its TechBA Aerospace program.

The event was organized by the Mexican Air Force (FAM), to publicize the growth and development that the Mexican aerospace industry has presented in recent years, to promote the participation of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) aerospace and aeronautical sectors, and to promote Mexico as a country of direct foreign investment.

Many companies specializing in these sectors were part of the event that took place at Santa Lucia Air Force Base, State of Mexico, to promote development, design, research and manufacturing processes.

José Luis Zúñiga, Director of Business Development at TechBA Aerospace, notes that this division has worked with about 30% of Mexican companies currently operating in the aerospace sector in Mexico and has detected capacities in another 90, which it seeks to support by means of its global network of allies with which it maintains close relationship.

Experts from the FUMEC program, which oversees placing companies in dynamic value chain ecosystems in Mexico, the United States, Canada, Europe and Latin America, participated in one-to-one meetings with leading representatives of the aerospace industry.

The companies that are currently part of the portfolio of TechBA, such as Maquinados y Tecnología (MyT) of Sonora, specializing in advanced manufacturing; and Asientos Precom of the State of Mexico, which manufactures and develops products for the automotive industry, were present at the Fair in search of new opportunities in the aerospace and aeronautics areas.

Likewise, TechBA was present with the companies that recently incorporated to its portfolio, these are Asesoría y diseño Mecánico (ADM) of Coahuila, which has 25 years of operation in the metalworking industry, especially with design and construction services of calibrators, mechanical devices and automations; and ABT Manufacturing Services of Monterrey, which focuses on the development of metallurgy projects for the automotive, medical, oil and gas industries for which it manufactures complex and unique pieces of its kind.


In FAMEX 2017, companies that have worked with TechBA Aerospace were also found, such as Global Composites, focused on the trade of machinery and equipment for the manufacturing industry; Oaxaca Aerospace, developer of Pegasus PE-210A; Especialistas en Turbopartes, dedicated to the manufacture of special parts for aeronautical use; Entec, specialized in systems of suspended access, maintenance of heliports and special projects; and Altaser Aerospace, focused mainly on the manufacture of aircraft parts, which has shown considerable growth since working with the FUMEC program.

The event was a tool for entrepreneurs to find new areas of opportunity and growth, TechBA guides companies to improve their development and identify capabilities to support their migration to strategic and high impact sectors such as aerospace and advanced manufacturing, and become suppliers in the global market.

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