Together with the 3M Company and Fondo Unido Mexico, INNOVEC promotes scientific education

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Thanks to the 3M Company’s support in coordination with Fondo Unido México (FUM) and in collaboration with the educational authorities of the State of Mexico, the institution of private assistance Proeducación (Proed) and Innovation in Science Education A.C. (INNOVEC), more than two thousand students and 62 teachers of public primary and secondary schools in Mexico City and the State of Mexico have been benefited from the Inquiry-Based Science Education Systems (SEVIC) program to strengthen their scientific training.

The results of this project were presented at the closing event held on 22 June at the facilities of the 3M Innovation Center, where students demonstrated to the company staff the knowledge acquired through the SEVIC program. On the other hand, the hosts received students and teachers in the innovation labs to explain the processes and products developed by the company.

In the 2016-2017 school year, students of all grades of elementary school and first and second year of high school learned science through inquiry pedagogy, guided by their teachers, who developed a process of training on scientific content and pedagogy of the program SEVIC.

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Xavier Doullou, Managing Director of 3M México; Jana Nieto Karam in charge of Social Responsibility and Sustainability of the same company; Diana García Romero, Executive Director of FUM; Sonia Gaspar Villarías, Managing Director of Proed; and Guillermo Fernández de la Garza, Executive Director of the United States-Mexico Foundation for Science (FUMEC) and Counselor of INNOVEC, addressed all those present to thank, on behalf of their institutions, the work and effort shown during implementation of the program and they gave recognition to the participating schools. They also endorsed their commitment to promote quality science education in Mexico.

Through SEVIC seeks to motivate the natural curiosity of students and their interest in science as a discipline that allows to apply the learning to solve problems in favor of a better quality of life.

Its application has provided students with opportunities to make observations, ask questions, explore phenomena, develop experimental activities, design research to solve their doubts, record data, and analyze and communicate their results.

The program also encourages participants to learn by compression and develop scientific and generic skills, such as logical and critical reasoning, ability to argue based on evidence gathered, teamwork, and communicate ideas in an oral manner and writing.

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