Automotive Coordination

The automotive industry is one of the key sectors in Mexico and the North American region. The US and Canada constitute the third most important region of the world for the sale of new cars, and this fact in itself opens multiple opportunities to generate jointly initiatives between this two countries and Mexico with the aim to integrate capacities in research and training activities aligned with the needs of this industry.

The FUMEC Automotive Program promotes the integration of key actors for the development of several initiatives that support the growth of the automotive industry through the creation of networks and the collaboration between companies, universities, research and development centers and other organizations, with the aim of strengthening the productive capacities of this sector in specific regions with activities such as:

  • Identification of opportunities for technological development.
  • Strengthening of innovation capacity within the companies.
  • Development of specialized human resources that cover the needs of the sector.
  • Mapping of global tendencies and needs.

With the aim to generate better synergies, our Automotive Program works jointly with other programs of the Foundation such as TechBA, SATE and the Collaboration between the National Academies of Engineering in Mexico and the US program.

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