New Media

nuevos medios

The expression of "new media" alludes to the economic activities related to digital production of text, audio or computer graphics that can be accessed on the internet, kiosks and other related communication channels.

Since the opening of TechBA Montreal in 2006, FUMEC began to foresee a significant opportunity in the area of new media and started to work on understanding this sector. In 2010, with the opening of two new offices of TechBA in the cities of Seattle and Vancouver, the Foundation found two markets with excellent potential for the development of Mexican small and medium sized enterprises working in this sector and for their integration to different projects taking place in these ecosystems.

Vancouver is a city where more than 550 new media companies generate around 14 000 high-value jobs and the city government provides tax incentives of 30% for game development, plus a stimulus of 17.5% in operating costs granted by the government of British Columbia.

On the other hand, Seattle is a city that conceives the videogame sector as a strategic in their economic development policies. The Digital Trends magazine has pointed out that Seattle is the most important city for videogames in the U.S., partly due to the synergy between companies in this city and Vancouver, Canada.

The development potential of the new media industry brought FUMEC to develop NewMediamx, a program, which seeks to:

  • Understand the capabilities of the Mexican market and business areas of opportunity, and
  • improve the quality and competitiveness of the Mexican enterprises to bring them to international standards in order to obtain projects in Vancouver and Seattle.

The analysis of the new media environment has allowed us to establish three areas of development for new media in Mexico which are:

  • Visual effects.
  • Animation.
  • Casual Games.

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